Welcome to my emporium of awesome blogs and websites. Inspiration, admiration and adoration abounds!

Epicurean Mom

Epicurean Mom – A busy Mom who still has time to create delicious food. I love her!

Cook Republic BlogCook Republic – Check out the amazing 2 Minute Nutella Cake in a cup! Need i say more? Really?

Toasty Biscuit

Toasty Biscuit – So much to like, so little time!!

Food Gawker

Food Gawker – The best way to spend 2… 3… hours of your life. Make sure you eat first because this website will make you hungry!

Paper + Cup Design

Paper + Cup Design – Ok. So it’s not food or baking. But it is super cool design.

And some other goodies….

Ming Makes Cupcakes – I don’t know if i can adequately describe how much i love cupcakes.

Dessert for Two – When you really can’t justice eating enough pie for 8 people…