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All coffee is created equal.

Actually, to be fair the original statement was “All men are created equal”.

There is a hot debate in some circles about whether it’s the coffee beans which are either good or bad or whether it’s the barista who decides whether your coffee is going to taste like boiled mud or a cup of heaven.

Not being a coffee bean analyst, i can’t say if either are true. But i know a good coffee when i taste one and Sir Breadwins in Wellington make a GOOD coffee.

To be honest with you, if it wasn’t for the smooth, delicious coffee their barely-out-of-high-school barista makes, Sir Breadwins would probably be the type of place i would avoid like a bad cold.

The small boutique coffee bar is located down the nearly forgotten end of Lambton Quay in Wellington where you don’t usually go unless you have a specific reason to be there. Oddly, they’re right next door to a fish market. Thankfully the waft of fresh coffee beans and baking overpowers any potential fishy odours.

A narrow little venue which has to be called a coffee bar rather than a cafe. It doesn’t have any tables where you can leisurely drink your smooth rich soy flat white at your own pace, but rather some factory ready bar leaners for you to prop yourself up at while you patiently await your turn.

Service can be a bit hit and miss. Given that Sir Breadwins is too cool for School (it’s packed out almost all hours it’s open), the staff serving see no point in disrupting their day with any semblance of friendliness. In fact, if anyone says a word to you, consider it a rarity as you would if you saw a snow leopard on a moped.

But the coffee…. Oooh the coffee.

I’m always reluctant to try new coffee places. I have my absolute favourites in Wellington such as Aporo Cafe and Mojo on Kumutoto so i see no need in upsetting the balance by trying somewhere new with the high chance the coffee is going to be below my ridiculous standards.

Thankfully, on the morning i was in dire need of a caffeine injection (Straight up. Hold the cup) Sir Breadwins did not disappoint. Despite the patchy welcome and the hoards of people, the end result was a strong, smooth, refreshing and invigorating cuppa joe made with Havana coffee beans.

To top it off, they have a generous selection of sweet and savoury baking (personal fave – bran and banana muffin. Weird aye). They also custom make their sandwiches to the eaters request, have a warm food cabinet which includes particularly tasty chicken pies, and they offer a selection of cold drinks, fruit and miscellaneous food items like lolly bags.

Not bad from a little place with no room to swing a hedgehog.

I would go back – and i have been. Not for the service. Not for the crowds. Not even for the tasty bran and banana muffins. But for the consistently fantastic cup of coffee that gives me an instant reminder that the day is going to be a good one.